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How to Drive Safely Around Trucks

Passing Truck on Interstate

It’s true. Four-wheel vehicles cause about 80% of all truck crashes involving more than one vehicle. That points to a problem in our driver education systems. In general, most people don’t know how to drive safely around trucks. If you ever find yourself tensing up when driving near a semi-truck, this guide is for you.

Pass Safely

Truck drivers have a large zone of zero-visibility around their vehicles. In general, they can’t see about two car lengths in front of or behind their truck. They also have difficulty seeing what’s on their immediate left or right.

To ensure truck drivers can see you when you pass them, make sure you always pass them in the left lane. Before moving into the passing lane, provide a few extra car lengths. If you pull out when you’re bumper-to-bumper, the truck driver may not know you’re there.

Make sure you completely pass the truck. Avoid driving alongside them whenever possible. If the truck needs to merge or get over, they likely won’t be able to see you if you’re driving right next to them.

Merge Back

Unsafe merging is one of the top causes of trucking accidents. When drivers merge too quickly, the truck driver can’t see them. Even when the truck driver is completely aware of their surroundings, they may be unable to brake safely.

Instead of merging right as soon as possible, wait until you can see the entire truck in your rearview mirror. This will ensure that the truck has enough time to see you and enough space to slow down safely.

If you or someone you love suffered serious injuries or even wrongful death in a trucking crash, you might have a case. If you’d like an experienced Geneva car accident attorney from Turner Law Group to evaluate your case, please send us an email or call (800) 653-0198.