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Does the New Regulatory Rule on Entry-Level Truck Driver Training Improve Trucking Safety?

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In early February, a new regulatory rule on entry-level truck driver training went into effect. The new rule could have far-reaching implications on not only the trucking industry, but also trucking safety and truck accident lawsuits.

How Does the New Rule Impact the Requirements for Driving a Commercial Vehicle?

The new rule on entry-level truck driver training has a major impact on the requirements for driving a commercial vehicle. The new rule will impact those trying to obtain a Class A or Class B Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) for the first time. This includes anyone upgrading from a Class B to a Class A CDL for the first time, as well as drivers seeking a new endorsement, such as a school bus endorsement, passenger endorsement, or hazardous materials endorsement.

Those seeking to obtain a CDL for the first time must now follow the new entry-level driver training (ELDT) requirements. This is a big deal because before this new rule was instituted, anyone could obtain a CDL if they were able to pass the written test and various skills tests that are required at the state level. Now, anyone who applies for a CDL must meet federal ELDT requirements regarding training, assessment, and demonstrated ability in addition to passing state level written and skills tests. Establishing a uniform and extensive training curriculum that will be overseen at a federal level should help improve commercial vehicle safety nationwide.

Does the New Rule Help or Hurt Truck Accident Victims?

This new rule could help truck accident victims secure favorable outcomes in their cases. Before this rule went into effect, it was easier for defense lawyers to successfully argue their position that the Commercial Drivers’ License manual could not reliably define safe truck driver customs and practices. That was because there were no uniform training requirements for obtaining a CDL.

Now that this new rule has been established, attorneys representing truck accident victims will have an additional argument in favor of their position regarding what constitutes safe truck driver customs and practices. This is important, because if lawyers for truck accident victims can prove that a truck crash happened because a truck driver violated safe truck driver customs and practices, it will increase their chances of securing a favorable outcome for their clients.

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