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Support the Goodfellows!


It may still be a little early, but the holiday season is rapidly approaching. In about two weeks we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving, and then it’s a mad dash to the end of December, then New-Year’s Eve, and finally we can all relax in January with all those new resolutions we made.

At Turner Law Group, this time of year also means something pretty special to us. On Dec. 3 the local chapter of Goodfellows, an organization dedicated to providing children with gifts on Christmas Eve, will be holding its annual “Office Party” at PJ’s Courthouse Tavern, 202 W. State St. in Sycamore.

Entry is $10, with nearly all proceeds going toward the purchase of new clothes for local children. Everyone is invited to attend, have a good time, learn more about the organization, and help spread the cheer.

We’ll have live music and plenty of holiday joy to spread around, plus you’ll feel the warmth of the season when you contribute to a good cause. Who knows? Your first experience with the Goodfellows could become a yearly tradition that lasts a lifetime and affects the lives of so many more.