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Repetitive Motion Injuries on the Job

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No matter what your occupation is, there is always a risk of becoming injured on the job. Most jobs require repetitive motions that have the potential to cause damage to your body over time. Read on to learn more.

Common Illinois Jobs

In Sycamore, Illinois, certain occupations dominate over others in terms of the number of employees.

The most common jobs held by Sycamore residents, by the number of employees are:

  1. Management Occupations - 1,213 employees
  2. Office and Administrative Support Occupations - 1,098 employees
  3. Sales and Related Occupations - 929 employees

Common Job-Related Ailments

Although it may seem as though clerical workers are not at risk of becoming injured at work, this is absolutely not the case. The following are specific workplace injuries commonly associated with the aforementioned types of jobs.

  • Carpal tunnel - This syndrome is a prevalent condition causing pain, numbness, and tingling in the hand and arm. This condition is present when the median nerve is wedged as it moves through the wrist. Common causes include arthritis, a fracture near the wrist, pregnancy, diabetes, overuse, and thyroid disease.

  • Tendonitis - Tendons are strong, limber bands of tissue connecting muscles to bones. Tendonitis occurs when tendons are inflamed, irritated, or endure microscopic tears. This usually happens due to overuse (a certain bodily motion is repeated too frequently) or overload (the extent of a particular action is increased too quickly).

  • Lumbar/spine injuries - A spinal cord injury is an affliction to the spinal cord resulting in the loss of function, as in movability or sensation. Some common causes of these sorts of injuries include trauma or disease.

  • Shoulder injuries - Rather than bones, most shoulder ailments impact the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Orthopedic surgeons lump shoulder issues into one of two categories: instability (when one of the shoulder joints moves or is forced out of its regular position) or impingement (excessive rubbing of the shoulder muscles that are in exaggerated contact with the top part of the shoulder blade).

  • Psychological injuries - These injuries are considered mental harm, suffering, impairment, detriment, or dysfunction initiated to a person as a direct result of an action or the neglect of an action by someone. In order to sue, a psychological injury has to come to a degree of turmoil in a way that substantially impedes a person’s ability to function.

  • Harassment - Harassment is aggressive pressure or intimidation. The 11 most common examples of harassment are as follows:

    • Discriminatory
    • Personal
    • Physical
    • Power
    • Psychological
    • Online/cyberbullying
    • Retaliation
    • Sexual
    • Quid pro quo
    • Third party
    • Verbal

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