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What Will Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Business man in wheelchair.

Workers’ compensation is insurance provided to employees who are sick or injured due to a work-related issue. When an employee receives compensation, they can use the benefits to cover some expenses. Here are five common expenses covered by workers’ compensation.

1. Work-Related Medical Expenses

Some work environments expose employees to harmful chemicals or allergens that can cause illnesses. A worker might also experience a physical injury, such as a broken arm or leg. If an employee becomes ill or injured on the job, workers’ compensation can pay for treatment.

The affected employee can use their benefits to cover emergency room visits, examinations, prescriptions, and surgeries.

2. Lost Wages

An employee might need time to recover from a work-related illness or injury. During this time, workers’ compensation benefits can replace some of the employee’s lost income. Generally, the benefits can replace up to 66% of lost income.

3. Long-Term Care

Some injuries or illnesses require long-term care. For instance, an employee with a back injury might require months of physical therapy. As long as the back injury occurred on the job, workers’ compensation will pay for ongoing related medical expenses.

4. Disability Payments

If an injury is severe, an employee could become permanently or temporarily disabled. Workers’ compensation can help the employee pay medical bills and replace lost wages until they’re able to work again.

5. Burial Expenses

Workers’ compensation can provide financial support if an employee dies because of a work-related incident. The deceased employee’s family can possibly get help with funeral and burial expenses.

Who is Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

Compensation is available only to employees who become ill or injured due to on-the-job incidents. Your claim may be denied if the employee was intoxicated on the job or hurt themselves because of their own negligence.

It’s important to understand the workers’ compensation laws in your state. Some states have a time limit for reporting injuries to the insurance company. There may also be a limit on the time an employee has to report their injury to their manager.

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